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Indulge your senses in the irresistible allure of Turtle Coffee Cake - a slice of pure delight that sets taste buds dancing! This decadent creation begins with a luscious, buttery coffee cake base, cradling a mouthwatering medley of cinnamon, rich brown sugar, crunchy pecans, and delightful chocolate chips. 


As you journey through this delectable treat, you'll discover another layer of sumptuous cake. But wait, there's more magic to unfold – a tantalizing crumb topping generously adorned with even more pecans, chocolate chips, and a lavish drizzle of caramel.


Prepare for a heavenly symphony of flavors that will sweep you off your feet, leaving you yearning for just one more delicious bite. A word of note, though: Turtle Coffee Cake is a taste sensation that's truly indulgent, and it doesn't compromise on its nutty goodness. Dive into this divine experience and savor the rich flavors that mingle with every mouthful.


Please be aware that it's not available in dairy-free options and it **CONTAINS NUTS, adding to its irresistible appeal.


PriceFrom $8.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • We use the finest ingredients in the simplest form for all of our delicious coffee cakes, obtaining fruit and other ingredients from small, local sources. All of our cakes are nut free, however, they are produced in a shared kitchen facility with other companies that may use nuts. Our gluten-free versions are made with blend of rice & garbonzo bean flours and are absolutely divine.

  • Our cakes come in 3 sizes:

    4" Sampler Size - Individual (1-2 servings)

    Medium 7" Round (4-8 servings)

    Large 10" Round (10-16 servings)

    Every order is baked fresh and never frozen. However, if you want to keep leftovers... just wrap in plastic wrap and foil and put into the freezer. You can also put a whole packaged cake directly into the freezer as each one is shrink-wrapped.

    *Half-sheet, full-sheet sizes and tiered wedding cakes are available. Please email for more info.