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Valentine's Day in 1978

Many of you already know me, my name is Jill and I am the owner of Frannie Franks Coffee Cakes. "The" Frannie, as you all know of her incredible coffee cake, was my mother. There are so many things that made her the woman I looked up to, along with my older sister, Linda. Frannie was the kind of mother that made sure you had everything you needed, even if you grew up in a middle-class family. My father was an airline mechanic and Frannie was a stay-at-home mom. We didn't always have the money for new clothes... but Frannie would spend hours at her sewing machine, making us holiday outfits, birthday outfits, halloween costumes, even matching "10 years between sisters" outfits (which I loved, but my older sister... not so much).

This picture to the right is from 1978, taken in what I'm sure was a Sears portrait studio... remember those? Holidays were always HUGE in our home, I think that's why I have such a love for them... all of them. Frannie made this outfit, which is a dress, the top part was a big heart bib attached to a full skirt, and I was so proud of it. I remember her rolling my hair with pink-cushioned rollers the night before the school V-Day party, while looking at the Valentine box she helped me create... dreaming of the Valentine's I might receive (hopefully from my crush, Jimmy Adair - yes, I still remember

his name), and couldn't wait to wear my dress to school.

Waking up to a homemade breakfast, often the "famous 30 years later" coffee cake, getting a goodbye hug and kiss from my mom and running to the bus. The excitement of what would come every day still fuels my passion for having this business and doing what I love. Everyone should have a passion, if not many, in their life and I hope that this glimpse into Jill's 3rd grade Valentine's Day makes you smile and stirs memories of your childhood. If you happen to be Jimmy Adair's wife, we were only together until the middle of 4th grade when it ended from a teacher posting a love note to him in the school hallway for everyone to see. That is a whole other Valentine's Day story.

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